For most of us with the "horse gene" our horse is our most trusted friend. I tell everything to GOD and my horse. It is as if GOD has given us the horse to be present in the flesh as HE is in our every moment of breath. 

For those of us seeking the beauty of the horse in each tiny ask and receiving more of a response than we dreamed possible. For those of us who have spent a lifetime seeking Equestrian Art and losing out beloved horse, I believe Nuno Oliviera expresses our heart entirely when he wrote:

Sadly enough this art is fugitive, as once the horse is dead, nothing, not even films, can reproduce the sensation felt when the horse is seen in movement.

Death eradicateds all the work of the artist, unlike musical scores or paintings which live on to lend immortality to their creator. After the horse is no more, only those who have admired him keep a remembrance of his quality in their hearts, which is gradually effaced by Time, and others who have not seen him know only by romanticised tales, recounted and sometimes embroidered, by those who have truly loved him."


How I miss you dear friend. Our time together made memories  my heart will always treasure. When you wrapped your giant head around my sobbing shoulders, when I asked for a little and you gave me greatness. I will ride you again in Heaven without saddle or bridle and without hesitation, for the joy.  The KING OF GLORY, you and I will discuss the beauty of creation and again be one in Spirit.  See you soon my precious friend.        

Gifts from the KING OF KINGS, our heart healers and bringers of joy!