Horses Are More than a Hobby, they give us grace.  Horses give us peace!

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Please feel free to call for the address so you can stop by for a tour of the boarding and riding facilities.

The ranch is conveniently located directly off of Highway 89 in Prescott. Arizona          



Equine Therapy

I read this somewhere and cracked up because it so describes a day at the ranch.  Thank you to whoever wrote this!   "I RODE TODAY, well actually, I fed,  gave lesssons, mucked stalls, swept the Breezeway, cleaned  and filled water buckets,  held a horse for the farrier, fixed a fence, shed out winter coats on several horses, cleaned tack, fed again, and realized it had taken ALL DAY. "

In reality, today our ranch is blessed to have the most wonderful Ranch Hand who does the heavy lifting so there is more time to do the other vital work of the ranch. Thank you so much Sean for being a faithful and gifted right hand man!   

David is there for most evening feedings and is a faithful part of what the ranch does...but he does think my old truck belongs to him and asks me why I am driving "his" truck?  Goofy David!

P.S.  And thank you GOD for providing Gary (my super brainy engineer) to help us work through the tough stuff around here.  He does the scary stuff around here like climbing onto the roof of the barn.  Wow! You rock Super Man!

P.S.S. And thank you GOD for the precious volunteers, Patty and Diane whose loving touch is making Hallelujah Horse Ranch into an oasis of beauty! Wow!  Sometimes it just takes Farm Girls! 

P.S.S.S. And thank you GOD for the baby Warlander filly born Sunday, May 27, 2018.  Her name is  "Aleluya por su Encantara!"  ("Tara") She is just precious! ...and very bouncy!